SleepA Tips: Improving our night habits

by Sophia

Habits before bed often have a significant impact on sleep quality. Indeed, evening activities can greatly affect our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep each night. Poor sleep can have many health consequences. Try exploring your bedtime routines to identify potential problems and create a new routine that promotes better sleep.

Prepare for tomorrow

Every day should spend 15 – 30 minutes every night to prepare for the next day. This can help prevent busy mornings and give you more peace of mind when you go to bed.
To reduce stress before bed and feel more relaxed in the morning, try these tasks to habits in the evening:
Prepare food for work or school;
Collect necessary items such as keys, wallet, sunglasses, … in a fixed place;
Wash dishes;
Prepare clothes for tomorrow.

Journaling to relieve stress

Journaling gives you space to express the concerns that weigh on your mind. It saves you from having to suppress them in your head.
While journaling may not be enough to alleviate severe anxiety or chronic stress, it can help ease your thoughts. Writing about things that stress you out can help you visualize them leaving your mind and reinforce your sense of relief.

Journaling to relieve stress

Journaling to relieve stress


You don’t have to wait until the lights are off to start relaxing your mind. Fill your evening with activities that help you calm down. Besides, avoid being over-stimulated both mentally and physically when the day is coming to an end.

Turn on some soothing music

Listening to soft, soothing music as you prepare for bed can trigger your body to release hormones that improve your mood. Feeling emotionally at peace can also help your body feel calmer.
While music can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better, make sure you listen to soothing tunes. Upbeat, energetic music may not work as well as you’d expect, but it’s better to try slow, instrumental music.

Turn on some soothing music

Turn on some soothing music


Practicing meditation regularly can help you relax physically and mentally. Mindfulness meditation habits can help improve your ability to release stress in preparation for a good night’s sleep.
Meditation can also help reduce behaviors that cause you stress. If you can’t meditate at night, try making it a habit to meditate at any time of the day.

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